Radiant Barrier on Sale Now !!!

Green Time presents: Power Conditioning For Your Entire Home
Heavy industry has used this technology for years to reduce their electric costs. Now small business and homeowners can take advantage of the cost savings realized from cleaning up the power signal delivered from your local power company.

Dirty power can come into your home. The electric signal sent to your home travels many miles over sometimes unshielded electric lines. If your electric current travels through or by microwave signals, radio wave signals or any type of EM generating signal your voltage and amperage wave forms become slightly out of synch with each other. Our state of the art capacitor and transformer technology realigns the voltage and amperage wave forms so they are together delivering 100% Power Factor to your home. This is important because you want to use all of the power delivered to your home. You are paying for the power so the most efficient use of the power will provide you with the lowest bill. Without our unit the dirty power deliverd to your home will not be used efficiently causing your appliances to overheat and wear out faster. When you have 100% Power Factor in your home; you are using all of the Power delivered to your home and not paying for what you do not use.
• Drop ship directly to your home
• Installation instructions provided.
• We have the lowest price in the market place.
• UL listed in Canada and the US. NMTR.E327426
• There are multiple units with UL approval.
• Units are "MADE IN AMERICA".
• Custom units are built to your KVAR size specs at a fraction of the cost.
• Free phone support for technical questions.
• $2 million product liability insurance.
• 60,000 life hour capacitors. (Not 10,000 life hour China made capacitors)
• NEMA 3 enclosures can be installed indoors or outdoors
• 90 day money back guarantee
We are so confident that you will save money on your power bill, that we are offering a full 90 day money back return policy. We want you to save money on your power bill and we stand behind our products. Power Factor can be measured, if you find that your home is at 90% efficient or less, our units will pay themselves back in less than 1 year.