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Green Time LLC is committed to Energy Independence for U.S. Consumers, Business Owners, Local, State and Federal agencies. We have many technically viable choices available to achieve this goal. Technologies including Solar, Wind, Water, Thermal, Hydrogen production, Piezoelectric Devices, WTE-WTF (biomass and gasification) all have the capacity to produce clean forms of energy at a competitive price. All of these technologies have been around for a long time, but what is new are the innovative ways we are using them to save money.  We at Green Time believe that the development of alternative energy sector in the US will generate new "green collar" jobs, stabilize energy pricing regionally, generate a larger corporate tax base and save millions of dollars from annual operating budgets. We service most of the continental US, with export capabilities. Our products are used by homeowners, businesses, schools, government facilities, apartments, hotels, motels, airports, hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, radio and TV stations, farms, ranches and many more. Our development teams are currently working on projects throughout the US in Wind, Solar, WTF and WTE.

The first step to Energy Independence is to reduce the amount of electricity you are using today.  Just by installing a Power Conditioner; cleaning up the dirty power coming into your home, you will decrease the amount of electricity you use every month. The Wattman© or the Green Time CAB, can lower your power bill by as much as 30%. Our systems service the home, the office, business or manufacturing operation. Heavy industry has benefited from this secret for over 50 years. This technology has been packaged into a small device that attaches next to your existing breaker box. You will see a decrease in the amount of kWh that you use every month, or your money back!

The second step to Energy Independence is to produce your own power. Green Time endeavors to provide an extensive line of alternative methods of producing power from every day sources such as the sun, wind, water, thermal, organics and landfill waste. Our products and services consist of Solar Panel project design and installation, Windmill project design and installation, Solar products for the home, Power Saving devices, ECO-Fuel, Clean-Burn heating system, Recycling Training and MRF development, WTE-WTF facilities.

It is a long road to Energy Independence, but together, one community, one city or one state at a time we can make a difference. There are many State, Federal or utility subsidies, tax credits and/or rebates that offset the initial cost of your energy freedom, in some cases reducing the cost to free!